Stop Trying to Hit it out of the Park!

In 2004, Michael Lewis wrote a fascinating book called Money Ball – which went on to become a major Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. The book tells the tale of Billy Bean, the manager of […]

Missed Opportunities & Timing Advice

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” H. Jackson Browne Jr One of my great frustrations is missed opportunities – and in the world of Financial Advice they can be found everywhere, and they […]

Status Quo Bias – The Great Wealth Destroyer

A few weeks back in Mental Accounting – a Help or a Hinderance? we started to delve into the fascinating world of Cognitive Biases, and how they can be hazardous to your financial health. Well […]

Are you too cashed up?

Everybody loves that feeling of being ‘cashed up’ – you’ve just finished a huge job and a client has just squared their enormous bill, or you’ve had a windfall at two-up, maybe you’ve sold a […]

Superannuation for the Self-Employed – Pt 2

So, in part 1 we took a look at the superannuation conundrum for the self employed, and we also took a brief look at what a significant difference time can make to your investment returns (and […]

Financial Planning Myths

According to a 2017 Wealth Sentiment Survey 7 out of 10 Australians have not received financial advice or seen a financial planner in the prior two years. Yet the same survey participants, when asked to rate […]

Don’t wait for your tax return

Everyone loves that time of year sometime between July and October, when roughly 14 days after the submission of their tax return a glorious lump of cash just magically appears in their bank account – […]

Your Financial Services A-Team

Happy New Year all, I hope you all had a marvellous 2017, and are gearing up for an even better 2018! According to an SMH Article, around 50% of us made new years resolutions on […]

Why I’m Always Crying Poor

A few years ago i went out boating on Sydney’s Middle Harbour with a work mate. On the way down to the boat ramp we pulled up at an ATM to grab some cash to […]

Saving vs Investing

When i look back on my financial education, i fondly recall the lengths Mum and Dad would go to to instil in me the importance of saving. They would send me off to school every […]